Experience "Siberiade", an extraordinary art exhibition
with talented Siberian artists in the Kannart gallery in Worpswede.

Discover the fusion of Siberian art, tradition and contemporary perspectives.
Immerse yourself in the creativity and talent of these extraordinary artists,
enjoy live violin music and Prosecco in our gallery garden.

Exhibition: 07.07 — 07.09
Vernissage: 08.07 10:00 — 18:00

Kannart Galerie, Im Schluh 71, Worpswede




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Artist Residence in Worpswede

If you want to enjoy your weekend exploring the legendary artist colony in Worpswede and wake up in a "gallery", you're more than welcome at our Artist Residence Kannart.
Renting option aside, we are inviting young and talented artists to visit and stay with us. We would love to support them in their long and challanging path to success.

artist residence