KannArt is Katerina & Anna & Art!

Ekaterina and Anna, two Russian-German women who came to Germany a few years ago, made a life-changing connection and now pursue their passion with the joint gallery KannArt.

KannArt also came into the world from an idea to improve the cultural and social exchange for Eastern European artists in the Western World. Despite and because of the recent developments, KannArt believes that culture and artists should not suffer from this as well. On the contrary, every cultural exchange connects and possibly maintains important bridges.

KannArt regularly invites artists to go to the Worpswede ARTResidenz for a few weeks in an art retreat and create new, special works directly for the gallery. This is done with sponsorship from the artists for travel, formalities and accommodation. KannArt is not limited to this, however, but simply sees this as its central focus. In the sense of such a cultural exchange

KannArt sees itself not only as a classical gallery, but as a mediator, organizer and "hotspot".

There are also many artists who produce works of exceptionally high quality in terms of craftsmanship and content. KannArt is convinced that "art comes from skill" and that in today's art market it is not uncommon to miss a really convincing quality of the exhibits. Moreover, KannArt wants to make this quality visible in the first place, but many artists if they are alone lack the basic possibilities for this, in Eastern Europe there is no such art market as in Europe or America.

KannArt has found an ideal basis for further development in the area of tension between the locations in the Tabakquartier in the middle of Bremen and the artists' village Worpswede in the direct neighborhood. In addition to regular exhibitions at these locations, KannArt is looking for national and international connections as well as locations to present its artists for a limited period of time or in the context of another event. In the showroom of KannArt in the Tabakquartier Bremen, there is always the possibility to view works from the collection apart from the individual exhibitions. All works can also be found in the online gallery, which is constantly being expanded.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Ekaterina Gilz