Centaurea breviceps – Delnara El


Centaurea breviceps Iljin is included in the list of unique plants that may disappear forever due to war.

The diversity of Ukraine’s natural landscapes creates conditions for rare and endemic species, i.e. those that are common in very limited territories. Such species can only be found in one place and nowhere else on the planet.

Military operations directly destroy vegetation and indirectly destroy natural habitats. For endemic and rare species, each of which requires specific growth conditions, such changes can be fatal. Destruction of exactly those places where each of the listed species occurs can mean its disappearance in that area. We are talking almost exclusively about steppe species, which, due to large-scale plowing, lost almost all territories where they could be common (no more than 3% of the former volume of steppe ecosystems remained in Ukraine).

Acrylic on canvas, 98 x 92 cm. The canvas is not stretched on a stretcher and will be shipped in a roll. The painting is carefully packed and will be delivered to you by international courier service within 4-7 days, depending on your destination.

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