Markus Lippeck was Born in 1970 in Kempen (today’s Krefeld). His affinity to paired with influence of Waldorf education made a life without creativity and artistic urge to look for something new again and again unimaginable for him. After his school years, he aspired to an academic, artistic education that however did not work out for him due to the vagaries of life. In this "professional" context, he sees himself as an "impeded" artist, who, nevertheless, gains his creative power from the fact that it is constantly "rumbling" inside him. He is interested in the most diverse disciplines: painting, drawing, collage, furniture making, architecture, textile design, graphics, photography and even a bit of music! In recent years, he has also collected ideas for working with stone, concrete and ceramics. But his greatest art is and remains the "Art of living" illustrated by his only true work of art "Life itself", not only in egoistic, hedonistic sense. In the Josepf Beuys’ understanding and definition of the concept of art, he sees the power of art mostly in its effect and existence as a "social sculpture". For Markus not only the museums, the direct beauty, but also art first of all in its "social effect" is ideally "walkable and tangible". In times of dissolution, "petrification" and collective "prohibitions of thought", an important achievement of art for Markus was to (re)unfold social forces, promote discourse, "liberate" thought and, particularly, (re)give a truly effective place to human intuition and emotional life. An art without a social "hub" is dead! In this sense, he also sees himself in his adopted home Worpswede in the spirit and tradition of Heinrich Vogeler. The current situation in his artistic work is an archive, "a sleeve", filled more and more in anticipation of further processing and unfolding. Many concepts have long been finished, but are awaiting breaking out. This sleeve is a reflection of his "Three lives". In his "second life" Markus lost his dear wife by an unbelievable stroke of fate, she had to leave this world very suddenly and tragically due to complications before the birth of their daughter. She died in childbed ... like Paula. His wife was also an "impeded" artist and a Textile Design graduate. Therefore, the studio today continues to be called LIPPECK & LIPPECK, as many things are related to the legacy of his wife. Especially the drawings, collages and textile design are a representation and interpretation of Isabella's artistic legacy.

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