Anna Schill is an artist born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and now lives in Worpswede. Last but not least, the German roots of her family gave an impetus. She studied free painting and art education at the Art Academy in Novosibirsk, was already active as a painter in Russia and headed an art school for children and adults. Over the years she has had a lot of experience with different painting techniques. The focus today is on classic oil and watercolor painting. In addition to many works in the field of landscape painting and still life, her focus is now in the area of "realistic symbolism". She describes her own distinctive style as a reaction against the abstract expressionism that has dominated since the mid-20th century. Instead, she devoted herself to the symbolic, narrative, and figurative style. She is currently working on a larger series of images, which are based on a portrait format with various symbolic elements. She is also happy to accept commissioned work. Her studio is in Worpswede.

Anna Schill